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27 July 2021

TheF Charging Starts its European Electrification Path

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TheF Charging, an emerging player in the EV charging sector, has started its European expansion with the opening of its Spanish branch. Brentan (formerly Enel) and Fea (formerly Enel and FCA) at the helm of the startup: goal of 1 million exclusive parking spaces for innovative charging services within 4 years.

Milan, 27th o July 2021 – TheF Charging, an innovative start-up provider of integrated services for electric vehicle charging, starts its selective path of electrification of Europe. After having laid the foundations in Italy, where it has already reached 160 operational charging points in strategic locations in just a few months, the founders Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa, part of Enel Group) and Federico Fea (former Business Development EMEA for FCA and Chief Innovation Officer for Endesa) are now ready to take the network beyond national borders: the company plans to expand its activities in selected locations in Europe, with the aim of providing a unified user experience at an international level.

The plan aims to create, by 2025, a network of over 10,000 strategic locations in Europe, corresponding to approximately 1 million potential parking spaces where innovative energy services for electric vehicles will be provided. This operation is possible thanks to the breadth of experience of the management team, which is working to strike partnerships with top-level multi-nationals, as already done with APCOA Italia, the leading operator of Italian car parks, part of the APCOA parking group, European leader with approximately 2 million parking spaces, and Tigros, an important player in large-scale distribution in North-West Italy. Adding to this is the trust recognized to the venture from the international financial sphere by the investment of the Luxembourg fund Akila Finance, selected by the founders following a process that involved KPMG and Fieldfisher, and from the institutional sphere through the grant received from Finpiemonte – co-financed with EU funds – in the context of the SC-UP program.

From the very beginning, we set ourselves ambitious goals and in a short time we built various infrastructures and created a significant pipeline of opportunities at an advanced stage of negotiation, making tomorrow’s goals closer.” – comments Andrea Brentan, President of TheF Charging – “Given our decades of experience in the energy and e-mobility sector within major multinational groups, having an international vision aimed at the entire European area is part of our DNA. We took a first step in this direction with the opening, at the beginning of July, of the Spanish legal entity TheF Charging España. Within the next 4 years, we expect to enter additional European countries, including France, Germany and England, thus bringing Italian excellence abroad.

We want to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable mobility, also focusing on the integration of vehicles with the electrical system and microgrids, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of vehicles and at the same time favoring the expansion of an energy system increasingly based on renewable energy. ” – explains Federico Fea, CEO of TheF Charging – “With this in mind, we are selecting strategic locations throughout Europe where we take care of  every step of the infrastructure construction process, invest the necessary capital and provide advanced energy services for electric vehicles, thus freeing facility owner and operators with the increasing costs and complexities required to provide quality services over time. In this way we are able to generate value for our network’s hosting venues, attracting quality customers, with obvious benefits for the businesses that partner with us: shopping centers, car parks, sports venues, etc.

TheF Charging is a technologically agnostic player, a choice made to guarantee the best hardware and software solutions over time, aimed at responding to the specific needs of each location, both in terms of the venues’ clients and its owners or operators, maximizing the potential of each individual location.

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A company 100% Made in Italy with its headquarters in Turin, TheF Charging was founded on the vision and experience of Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa) and Federico Fea (formerly of FCA EMEA Business Development and Chief Innovation Officer at Endesa). As a provider of innovative EV charging services to charge electric vehicles, the mission of TheF Charging is to create a widespread network of charging infrastructure, closely involving the owners and operators in this disruptive undertaking. At the same time, they will be relieved of the risks related to investing in and operating the systems. The company has launched an expansion plan for Europe, with a target of optioning at least 2 million parking spaces by 2025. Info: