Take a leading role in the future of electric mobility Enter the business without any investments, without changing your business model, with a tailor-made proposal, to start earning immediately

A profitable partnership

We offer the owners and operators of prestigious parking areas in strategic locations a common path, through a real partnership for the provision of charging services for electric vehicles. We offer the best possible service, in the name of greener choices, for an increasingly sustainable future of mobility.

Your part

Dedicate a small part of your facility to the best technologies and charging services for your customers. Together we will choose the area that will be used for recharging electric vehicles and you will immediately receive a percentage of the revenues deriving from the charging services.

Our part

We invest the necessary capital and complete every step for the design, authorization, installation and maintenance of the charging stations. We define every aspect based on the specific characteristics of your facility, the type of service offered and your customers, for an optimal result open to future developments.

Growing together

One of our dedicated account managers becomes your point of contact for every issue or question. Even after the setup phase, he/she will remain your reference to make periodic evaluations and plan the growth of the business and shared revenues.

The benefits for your business

We offer immediate and clear benefits to those who decide to start a journey with us.


Zero costs, zero risks

We take care of all investments for the charging infrastructure – planning, construction, operating and maintaining the service – for the entire duration of the partnership.


Immediate earnings

Get a share of the revenue from charging services immediately. The more customers charge, the more you earn.


Scaling together

We will jointly plan for your facility’s equipment and services to grow as the EV market changes, volumes grow and habits change.

100% renewable energy

Provide quality energy to your customers, coming from 100% renewable sources. Enter a virtuous circle that will in time facilitate the growth of sustainable energy generation.

Ease of use

Through the app it is easy for the user to manage charging and payments, while you will have access to a transparent dashboard system for real-time monitoring of charging sessions.


More services, more customers

With EV charging services, you improve your offering for current customers and you will attract new ones. Grow your business’ visibility thanks to our marketing actions, that will make your facility appear on all major EV charging apps and platforms across Europe.


Cutting-edge technology

Rely on future-proof technology already predisposed for upcoming market needs, renewable through the years based on scenarios to come.


Zero bureaucracy

We take care of the required bureaucracy to fulfill legal obligations and obtain all the certifications needed to operate in complete safety.


24/7 assistance

Customer assistance on charging services is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. The stalls in your facility will receive scheduled checks for ordinary maintenance and prompt action for extraordinary.

Free from legal obligations

You are free from any present and future legal obligations on bringing the structures up to standard for EV services. If the regulations change, we take action and solve the issue for you.

Discover what we can do together

Book a free consultation with one of our consultants and discover the advantages of entering into a partnership with us.

The evolution of the italian market

In 2030 in Italy, 55% of new car sales will be EVs

Share of EVs on all car sales in Italy

Forecasts by Politecnico di Milano, 2020


Estimates from the Energy & Strategy Group of the Politecnico di Milano predict that in 2030 55% of new car registrations in Italy will be of electrictrified vehicles. The real results for the first half of 2021 are already far superior to the forecasts of the Politecnico di Milano: 7.7% of sales in the half year were from PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) or BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

More and more customers will soon choose their service providers based on the possibility of charging their car while staying in their parking areas.


Technology geared towards
user needs

Our approach wisely balances hardware and software to provide ease of use, performance and efficiency, for both users and property owners.

To meet the specific needs of each case, we have selected different types of devices, from those for compact wall and pole installations, for underground and outdoor spaces, to charging areas with multimedia screens for advertising and useful information in areas with high traffic, up to super & ultra fast DC charging (up to 350kW).


Your facility will be visible on an international network of digital platforms

TheF Charging promotes your facility’s charging services through marketing activities on various specialized online platforms, to maximize the visibility of the new charging service in EV drivers’ ecosystem.

TheF Charging guarantees maximum visibility to its electric charging stations, with the additional possibility of personalizing each individual business’ presence.